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I  free motioned leaves and loops. It's not too bad for my first time.
I've been piecing Radiant Beauty in my spare time. It's coming along great!
My Confetti and Cathey Marie Tote patterns will be available at Checker Distributors very soon. Let's Twist and Radiant Beauty will be the next ones to be released. I'm on a roll!
I'll be going to work at the quilt shop in a couple hours so I better get some stuff  done around the house.
Until next time, let's have fun quilting!

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Here it is....Radiant Beauty.
I didn't get much sewing done today because I had to get all of my paperwork organized and do some computer work.
I did get the Let's Twist runner pieced yesterday. I plan to quilt it tomorrow. I will also work on Radiant Beauty.  It's going to be gorgeous! It's made with Northcott's Gradations Brights Collection. Yummy!
I need to get my tax papers ready but I'm procrastinating. Maybe Monday ...........I doubt it!
Until next time, let's have fun quilting!
I released a new pattern today....the Cathey Marie Tote ! I love this tote! It has an inset zipper, inside pockets, and is lightweight with padded straps that fit comfortably over the shoulder.
I'm going to do some sewing today no matter what! Here's a pic of what I have in the works. I call it Let's Twist. Hope to finish it up today and start on a new quilt pattern. I'll share it with you tomorrow. Until then, let's have fun quilting!
Welcome to my blog!
I'm a first time blogger so please bear with me.
I have a lot of great things coming up in the future that I want to share with you.
Let's have fun quilting!